Wormwood was originally used as a remedy for ailments like headache, dysentery and intestinal worms but in early 18th century, it became even more widely used when French Doctor Pierre Ordinaire created a concoction with it as the main ingredient. The drink was later on named Absinthe.

Though Absinthe became an instant hit, in 1915, its production was banned because Wormwood was reported to have hallucinogenic effects when mixed with alcohol. The French government thought that it was driving drinkers to madness. It was also reported to have caused Vincent Van Gogh’s mental illness.

Its production only became legal again just recently when several modern tests claimed that the accusations n 1915 are not true. The tests indicate that even when drank in large quantities, the most that it could do is making the drinker really drunk, but nothing close to being insane.
And because Wormwood has a lot of medicinal benefits, its usage became widespread again.

Medicinal Benefits

Wormwood may be used as a relaxant. With the right dosage, it can stimulate the brain to create a peaceful and calming feeling.
Wormwood can also be used as a light anaesthetic. It is commonly used to give relief to menstrual cramps and muscle pains. It is also being used as a remedy for common cold, tapeworm, headaches, dysentery and even rheumatism.

There are also reports claiming that Wormwood is an effective and natural aphrodisiac. Thus, instead of using artificial aphrodisiacs that are not only expensive but risky as well, use Wormwood instead (or damiana).

Methods of use

Those who want milder effects of Wormwood may smoke it instead of ingesting it. The effect is quicker but it is also shorter. Hence, this method of use is recommended to those who have headaches, common colds or mild rheumatism.

To those who need to experience Wormwoods effect longer; it is advised that they make a tea out of it. Soak one teaspoon of Wormwood to a cup of hot water. Let Wormwood tea cool and then drink. It can instantly relieve moderate to severe pain and will also create a calming and relaxing feeling.


Wormwood stimulates the brain to create a calming and relaxing effect. It was also reported to relieve discomforts caused by common cold, pinworms, tapeworm, headaches, dysentery and rheumatism. This is why it became well known as a light anaesthetic. Rather than using synthetic medicines, the use of Wormwood is highly advised because it is just as effective and since its 100% natural, then there are less adverse side effects.

Side effects

When taken with alcohol or in large quantities, Wormwood might cause mild to severe hallucinations. As stated above, it is the main ingredient of absynthe.


The use of Wormwood is now legal all over the world thanks to the modern tests that disproved its alleged adverse effects and proved its medical benefits. Because Wormwood is now legal, a lot of farms has been growing it but to make sure that what you have is the most potent strains of the plant that are grown under the strictest conditions, It is important to buy it only from a reputable source.

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