The 5 Best Herb Grinders For Every Budget

Scissors take forever, and fingers get sticky, but grinders are fast and reliable. Everyone who enjoys high-quality, relaxing herbs needs a grinder. Whether you’re grinding up a gram or mowing through an ounce, these are the best five herb grinders on Amazon for every budget.

Volcano Plastic Herb Grinder

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If you spent your whole budget on fine herbs, this is the grinder for you. It’s cheap, workable, and comes in every color of the rainbow.

Made from durable acrylic plastic it will keep grinding away for years. This grinder has two small magnets to keep both halves together during storage.

Price: $9.00

See what Amazon reviewers had to say:

  • “These work great and I can’t buy them at this price locally. It’s made of injection molded plastic with a magnet in the center. Put your wee.. erm herbs in and twist. Works like a charm.”
  • “Grinder works perfectly fine. I like the magnets, they keep the grinder from falling apart while under the grinding process.The sellers’ price beat my local smoke shops prices on grinders similar. My local smoke shop wanted $10 + tax for the same exact thing.”

Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder

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With all the basic features at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong with the New Style herb grinder. This four piece aluminum grinder includes a stainless steel pollen screen with an O-ring for a tight fit.

It also has a magnetic closure to keep the lid on tight and sharp cutting teeth for fast, efficient grinding.

Price: $12.99

See what Amazon reviewers had to say:

  • “I’ve had mine maybe a couple months now & really swear by it.”
  • “It is a very tight screen the holes are small enough to catch pollen off dry herbs.”

Smart Crusher Four Piece Herb Grinder

The 5 Best Herb Grinders For Every Budget | image 2

 This aluminum grinder is made with CNC machined aircraft aluminum for a perfect fit. The cutting teeth are razor sharp, and because they have been custom machined your herb will be ground finely, with no big chunks to pick apart. Featuring a stainless steel pollen screen, Teflon O-ring, an included pollen scraper, and soft, protective storage bag. The Smart Crusher is an excellent grinder at an affordable price.

Price: $13.99

See what Amazon reviewers had to say:

  • “The grinder action on this precision product is amazing. It gets the job done in just a few twists of the wrist. I would definitely recommend this product. Very well made!”
  • “This grinder is exceptionally good. I use it weekly and it’s never failed to grind my herb to the finest consistency. Another perk to it is that even my most pungent herb is not detected when it lays ground up, ready to be enjoyed in my Smart Crusher.”

SMART CRUSHER 5 piece Herb Pollen Grinder

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This grinder is one of the best you can get for under $20. It has a 2-layer screen in order to catch every bit of pollen and comes complete with a scraper and pollen press. It’s made of stainless steel and uses nylon o-rings, which is an upgrade from cheap aluminum grinders. If you’re looking for a first grinder, or you just want a complete collection of grinding and pressing tools, then this is the kit for you. The Smart Crusher 5-piece herb grinder set gets amazing reviews for price and performance.

Price: $14.99

See what Amazon reviewers had to say:

  • “At this price point, unbeatable.”
  • “WOW what else can I say… What a great crusher with a great price with it… AWESOME love it… THANKS.”
  • “This grinder is amazing! I love the 2 screens! It’s like Christmas X3! The scraper works great! The press is great! Can wait to use it more!”

Space Case Titanium Four Piece Herb Grinder (Out of stock)

space case titanium grinder

If you never want to have to buy another grinder again, this titanium Space Case is the one to get. Made of super-light, incredibly durable titanium with a magnetized lid and stainless steel pollen screen, it’s made to last a lifetime. Space Case is known for their smooth action, quality grinding teeth, and perfect pollen screens that produce more and clog less than any other brand.

Arguably the very best grinder on the market, this Space Case is a great value for the premium product that you get.

Price: $63.95

See what Amazon reviewers had to say:

  • “If you need a great herb grinder then stop looking, because you have found it.”
  • “This is the best grinder I’ve ever owned. The depth between the grinder and screen is great, the smooth rotation and ease of labor are fantastic. Sleek, black color. Strong magnet to hold the top of the grinder on. Lots of threads mean lots of rotations to open the chamber and pollen catcher… no accidental openings in your bookbag or purse mean no waste. Absolutely worth the money.”

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