List of herbs that might help in reducing allergies symptoms

Fight Allergies the Natural Way

Fight Allergies the Natural Way | allergy

This allergy season might be the perfect time to stop abusing harsh pharmaceuticals and start to treat your body right with an herbal allergy remedy. Prescription and over the counter drugs can leave you feeling fuzzy-headed and drowsy, while a soothing herbal tea could be just what you need to start feeling great, rather than …

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Yarrow flower

Yarrow flower | yarrowherbflowersachilleamillefoliumimg4824cr

Dried yarrow flower has a history of being used to help wounds clot. It also helps to clear throat, lung, and sinus congestion. Yarrow flower is a mild stimulant and has anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a popular addition to herbal tea blends that are used to treat colds and the flu.

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