Everyone enjoys a good bowl. And who doesn’t like sex? What you might find surprising is that tokin’ can help your libido and even enhance pleasure during sex. If you’re looking to spice up your sex life or maybe even improve your relationship, this article is for you. We’ll explore the strains that work, those that you should avoid, and the unexpected benefits of cannabis in the bedroom. Additionally, we’ll elaborate upon the known misconceptions of weed’s effect on a person’s sex drive, and what sort of role kush might play in your life behind closed doors.


Go Longer and Harder

First thing’s first: the effects depend on the user. No two people have the same experience with a high during sex. Some people claim it helps, while others say it hurts. Some survey studies have found that many guys report sexual benefits of marijuana use, like increased sexual stamina, but it’s difficult to know what to make of these findings.

The conclusion that marijuana helps guys last longer in bed is certainly exciting, but we can’t ignore the possibility that weed alters your sense of time. In layman’s terms, sex may seem to last a lot longer when you’re high, but the real amount of time you spend having sex may be the same as when you’re sober, or even less. Not only would this be disappointing to be told the morning after, but you may have a dissatisfied partner on your hands.


What holds some promise is that biomedical researchers have begun conducting research that looks at the effect marijuana has on… Well, your joint. The total amount of research that explores the effects of marijuana on male sexual functioning is rather limited. While this small bit of research suggests that marijuana is likely to cause problems with getting and keeping an erection, the answer is definitely more complicated than that. Over the next several years, we’re sure to receive more scientific insight to understand why different guys report experiencing different sexual effects.

A Mixed Bag

Remember that marijuana is not just one thing. There are tons of different strains of cannabis that can affect your body in very different ways. While indica tends to make you more relaxed, sativa helps to stimulate the smoker more. Researchers have yet to look at whether these cannabis strains impact sexual functioning in different ways, but it’s definitely worth exploring.

Adding to a previous statement, people differ in their sensitivity to marijuana, just like everyone differs in their sensitivity to alcohol. I’m sure we all know some people who get absolutely wasted after just one drink, and then others who are total heavyweights and can keep the party going for hours. The same goes for smoking or enjoying edibles: some people laugh, others become tired, and many get paranoid.


To be more specific, the several different psychoactive effects of marijuana result from a combination of differences in drug sensitivity in addition to the usage of different cannabis strains, but even with the same strain, it’s extremely likely that different men will have different experiences and sexual effects based on how it interacts with their body.

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Ladies Getting Laid

Now that we’ve established most of the details concerning weed and what to expect during sex for men, we should touch on how cannabis affects women. Most females report an increased libedo after smoking weed, and there haven’t been many complaints. Extensive research shows that enjoying a blunt can have an aphrodisiac effect for many women because it reduces inhibitions and even increases the strength of orgasms. Smoking pot before sex likely has quite a lot to do with the fact that marijuana decreases anxiety, which causes women to lower their guards during sex.


As for marijuana increasing the strength of orgasm, sex therapist Ian Kerner says that there is, in fact, some scientific basis for this claim. “Sometimes when couples smoke marijuana, they take more time to have a fuller sensual experience and slow down, which would allow more time for vasocongestion and myotonia,” he told Mic, which causes couples to feel “relaxed, comfortable and sexy, (which may) lead to a higher quality of orgasm.”

An Amazing Aphrodisiac

It’s likely that part of the appeal of marijuana is the rumored aphrodisiac-like qualities is gives. Weed has a reputation for giving its users incredibly positive moods, increased arousal, and stimulating sexual activity. Unfortunately, sex under the influence of marijuana may not be all it’s talked up to be.


While cannabis has the ability to enhance mood and reduce anxiety, similar to the way that alcohol does, it also has some negative effects on a person’s libido. Some users claim that it greatly increases their sexual desire, while others say it gives the opposite effect. Also, smokers and their partners have reported a variety of reactions while under the influence of marijuana during intercourse. Many say that a strong bond is established between partners, believing that lighting up a bowl helps them make more spiritual connections, however every two people have different experiences, as stated previously.

Sexy Strain Guide

Below you’ll find a list of strains that are worth giving a try to help your sex life:

Purple Princess is classified as indica, a cross between Cinderella 99 and Ice Princess. Its THC level clocks in around 12%, and users tend to report euphoric and relaxed highs. The grape flavor has undertones of earthy pine gives a nice head high and is great for a night in.


Sour Dream is classified as sativa, a cross between Blue Dream and Sour Diesel. Its THC level is around 17%, and users report increased levels of creativity and energy. While the flavor is fruity, it still has the strong scent that can be found in Sour Diesel.


Yumboldt is a hard-to-find strain of indica. Its THC level is an incredible 20%, and gives a strong high for both the mind and body. Along with that powerful high comes a pungent scent, but delicious citrus taste with tones of the wilderness.


Chocolate Chunk is pure indica, with a whopping 20% and higher level of THC. Users report ridiculously relaxed highs, which will help those that have difficulty “getting there”. As the name infers, the taste of this strain is sweet and earthy, accompanied by a slight nutty undertone, which might help its male users (all pun intended.)