12 Popular Hemp Flowers for Anxiety & Pain Relief

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In 2018, the notorious Farm Bill removed hemp & low-THC derivatives from the definition of marijuana, currently illegal under federal law in the United-States. This effectively legalized manufacturing and selling of a variety of smokable hemp and CBD derivatives. ⬇️Jump to the list

Fast forward today and the industry has never been so overcrowded with hemp & CBD products. Oil, Tinctures, Topical creams & even suppositories. But today, we’ll be looking at Hemp flowers.

What about Hemp Flowers?

Since Smokable Herbs is literally our brand name, we wanted to take the time to write about Hemp Flowers, a potent supportive herb. A hemp flower – or hemp bud – is the bud of a female hemp plant that contains high to very high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) while containing a low level of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Hemp flowers must have 0.3 percent THC content or lower, so there’s slim chances you will feel psychoactive effects.

Hemp flowers are usually praised for their ability to relieve all sorts of pain; back pain, spasm, neuropathic & inflammatory pain, etc. They can also have uplifting effects as well as relaxation properties. It’s not as potent as cannabis, because of the low amount of THC these flowers contain, but it may be just be the next best legal thing.

Different strains have different effects on the mind and body, so you should check out which one best suits you.

You won’t find hemp flowers on Amazon, though, as hemp flowers are not legal in every US state, and Amazon tends to frown upon products that are not universally legal in the whole US (examples include Blue Lotus or Kratom).

But, you can find and buy hemp CBD flowers in many different brick & mortar or e-commerce stores to smoke, take in tea, use as a tincture, or even enjoy mix with other herbs. We’ve listed popular options below, along with relevant customer reviews. 

#12 Suver Haze – Sacred Smoke Herbal


Suver Haze is a blend from Oregon CBD and it is available at one of our favorite merchants – Sacred Smoke Herbals

Sacred Smoke herbals is a solo woman-owned shop of smaller scale than the merchants below.
The owner, Andrea, is very active on Instagram, so you might want to have a look!

With 24% CBD levels, these cannabis hemp buds are perfect for anti-anxiety and pain relief.

Suver Haze: I like this one a lot! It gives you more of a body relaxation than a mind relaxation. It’s also a smooth smoke. Couldn’t ask for better currently. This is a lay down and watch a movie type of relaxation. I would use this as a night strain! I’m definitely sedated as I type this.

Jsleepyjean from Reddit comments

#11 CBG Flowers – Brothers Apothecary

12 Popular Hemp Flowers for Anxiety & Pain Relief | CBG Front

Brothers Apothecary CBG flowers strain has 3 reviews and an overall score of 5/5

The Brothers Apothecary is a family business from Portland, OR. They are mostly known for their CBD tea products but they also carry an interesting selection of smokables.

CBG is a promising cannabinoid for the treatment of glaucoma – the use of CBG reduces eye pressure and is also known for its ability to relieve pain due to its analgesic properties. This strain is 12.75% CBG and 2.3% CBD.

 I was a bit apprehensive because I’ve tried other CBD oils and products but didn’t see any effect. However, this product is totally different. I used this right after I received it. Very quickly I began to feel more relaxed both mentally and physically. I feel great mental relaxation, very mellow, happy, and content. My depression and anxiety had been really bad for two weeks and I feel so much better now.

Megan, from the Brother’s Apothecary user reviews

#10 Bubba Kush – BerkshireCBD

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  • Berkshire’s Bubba Kush strain has 90 reviews and an overall score of 5/5

The Bubba Kush hemp flower is offered by BerkshireCBD for consumers who are looking to unwind after a long day’s work with this Indica-dominant hybrid. Its THC levels are roughly 0.18% and the CBD levels are almost 15%, so it’s more moderate compared to other options on this list. Kush strains are very popular and are pretty good choices if you are hesitating.

Very tasty CBD flower. Very relaxing and tasty and smooth smoking. Helps me relax and fall asleep at night, while also providing the back relief I need daily. So far, for the year I’ve been smoking CBD, I haven’t pinched my sciatic nerve once. It used to be a daily occurrence and be in chronic pain, because once you pinch the nerve it takes forever for the pain to go away.

Kirk from Berkshire CBD’s reviews

Berkshire CBD has very positive Google Business reviews (21 reviews – 4.7/5) and has an astonishingly beautiful website & product marketing.

#9 The Wife – Plain Jane

the wife, plain jane cbd smoking herb

Plain Jane’s Wife strain has 133 reviews and an overall score of 5/5

The Wife hemp bud contains more than 18% CBD and a ratio of 20:1 CBD to THC.  The popularity of the Wife strain primarily comes from its relaxation properties. It’s a smokable hemp which can get you a relaxing high and a good amount of pain relief for first-timers.

I am a sufferer of fibromyalgia. This stuff relaxes my body so much and calms the nerves. I’ve never felt so much relief. I am also suffering with toothache and it completely takes away the pain.

Jamie from Plain Jane’s reviews

Liked the taste, the way it burnt and moist buds. Wish it had more of a kick. Really appreciate the excellent packaging and quick delivery of the product. Thank you for the great customer service.

Suzanne from Plain Jane’s reviews

It’s designed as a easy-to-use CBD hemp that can help you feel relaxed and in control. The hemp buds have a distinctive sweet and floral flavor. 

Plain Jane is a leader in selling hemp flowers products. They have over 4000+ reviews on Trustpilot for an excellent average of 4.6/5. Their vast selection & friendly customer service gets a lot of praise.

#8 Cherry Wine – Berkshire CBD

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  • Berkshire’s Cherry wine strain has 119 reviews and an overall score of 5/5

A hybrid CBD hemp that acts as rejuvenation for both the body and mind is one you should always try out.
Cherry Wine isn’t wine at all, yet there’s still class about it. With both 0.2% THC and 14% CBD,  this strain is a blend of The Wife with another strain known as Charlotte’s Cherries.

Very good vaporized- smooth, tasty, effective. One of the better products available on the market. Good for musculoskeletal conditions such as muscle spasms, neuropathy. Highly recommended. Will buy again.

Jay from Berkshire CBD’s reviews

This was my first time trying Berkshire CBD. I got a g of cherry wine, remedy, white rabbit, sour space candy, and hawaiian haze. Personally they were all really good for the most part. Cherry Wine is probably my favorite since I prefer “indica” strains.

Phil from Berkshire CBD’s reviews

#7 Charlotte’s Web – Plain Jane

  • Plain Jane’s Charlotte’s Web strain has 121 reviews and an overall score of 5/5

Named after Charlotte Figi, this strain was bred to help combat her seizures. It’s not actual marijuana, yet it still contains 15 to 20% CBD and the usual <0.3% THC. People who’ve had seizures have seen a noticeable improvement to their overall health upon smoking hemp. Charlotte’s Web hemp buds can be used for either smoking or, more likely, tinctures for general consumption. 

One of the best strains for chronic pain that I have used thus far. If you combine with other strains something magical happens and you acquire energy and the desire for productivity that you never knew you had because the pain is so intense and always present.

Paris from Plain Jane’s reviews

Very smooth, just really nice on each drag. If you’re stressed and looking for a good baseline to just feel normal again, this should do the trick. Not overwhelmingly strong like some indicas; just calm, stable and still clear headed.

Tom from Plain Jane’s reviews

It’s a good hemp flower to use for general relaxation and anxiety issues, as you won’t get high yet still receive the health benefits of CBD associated with cannabis and similar hemp products.

#6 Lifter – BerkshireCBD

Berkshire Lifter CBD Bud
  • Berkshire’s Lifter strain has 131 reviews and an overall score of 5/5

BerkshireCBD also offers Lifter, a near 20% CBD and almost 0.5% THC strain designed to keep you uplifted for whatever you need energy for. One review found a user claiming to be able to work easier because of smoking hemp of this variety.

Just tested this out and wanted to make sure to leave a review! The initial onset of this one is a very heavy body feel and a jolt of energy almost like an espresso shot. After a few minutes passes it levels out. I’m relaxed but could definitely be productive. This one has a “blissful” feel to it and it just feels really good. 

Gabe from Berkshire CBD’s reviews

With this specific strain, smoking hemp gives you clarity and allows you to focus on the tasks you have (as opposed to a strain designed for relaxing). Lifter is a children of the Suver Haze strain presented earlier.

#5 Elektra – BerkshireCBD

Berkshire Elektra CBD Bud

With a sweet, nutty flavor Elektra peaks in about half an hour. You can expect to feel calm i, as it has a 0.3% THC level and 16 to 20% CBD level, you can also love the tropical mix involved in smoking hemp of the Electra variety.

I enjoy Elektra during the day when I need some relief but still need to function. 1/2 a joint and this gives me some energy and especially some light pain relief.

Mark from Berkshire’s comments

As a CBD hemp, you can also feel the entourage effect in full force, as this hemp flower synergizes well with itself and other strains.

#4 Hawaiian Haze Hemp – Berkshire CBD

Berkshire Hawaiian Haze CBD Bud
  • Berkshire’s Cherry wine strain has 180 reviews and an overall score of 5/5

Predictably, some of this strain’s origins can be tied to Hawaii, and customers of this product love it for pain relief and its simple taste. You can smoke hemp easier with a pre-roll, and this hemp has about 20% CBD and <0.3% THC, so it’s a potent herb like the previous entry on the list. 

This high-quality strain has a fresh taste, slightly tangy taste to it, and the effects happen also immediately after smoking it. If you want smokable hemp that gets you feeling uplifted and energetic, this is the quality hemp you’ve been looking for.

#3 Sour Diesel – Plain Jane

  • Plain Jane’s Sour Diesel strain has 100 reviews and an overall score of 5/5

Another favorite among TryPlainJane.com, Sour Diesel contains 20.2% CBD and less than 0.3% THC. These high-quality hemp buds are designed for more advanced users of hemp (stated as “potentially overwhelming”). Regardless, Sour Diesel can make its user feel motivated and less anxious. It is noted for its premium quality and bitter, yet sour citrus flavor. Naturally, this expert-bred strain perfects the entourage effect compared to other smoke hemp varieties, as it’s fast-acting and strongly potent.

A good stout smoke. Nice pine scent to it. Not to harsh, definitely one I’m keeping in rotation.

Good strong taste and smell great (alternative) to the real stuff if you can’t have it

#2 CBD Moon Rocks – Plain Jane

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Plain Jane’s Moon Rocks strain has 333 reviews and an overall score of 5/5

If you like other hemp products offered by Try Plain Jane, then you should know about CBD Moon Rocks. With a whopping 45% CBD and 0% THC, these hemp buds are excellent hemp smokes to try out if you have pain.

Some customers on the website love using it at night to ease their sleep, as well as for standard pain relief.

These Moon Rocks are amazing! I have spinal injuries and nerve damage and usually mix some Cannabis with Hemp flower for pain but now that I found these I rarely use the Cannabis as the high CBD really relieves my pain and helps me sleep

Michael from Plain Jane’s review

You can smoke it with a glass pipe or a bong, keep in mind these moon rocks are a tad greasy. Smoking Moon Rocks is a must-have for those who enjoy high CBD percentages in their cannabis products.

#1 Sour Space Candy – Plain Jane

  • Plain Jane’s Sour Space Candy strain has 507 reviews and an overall score of 5/5

Sour Space Candy is a fruity and citrus-tasting hemp strain that emphasizes on mellow effects of relaxation at any time of the day. As far as CBD hemp goes, Sour Space Candy comes in the illustrious quantities of ~20% and <0.3% for CBD and THC respectively. It is a very popular strain along with Kush.

Previous customers loved this hemp plant for its ability to soothe your pain and lessen your overall anxiety. For some, this is their favorite hemp flower to try out now and then. 

Excellent Product. Potent & Well Rounded. Burns to a clean white ash. Definitely organically grown.

Very strong. After trying everything else… THC-free CBD oil, full spectrum CBD oil, CBD vape oil, CBD isolate, CBD shatter, CBD joints…. I’ve finally settled on my #1 favorite: vaping hemp flower!

Sierra from Plain Jane’s review

Sour Space Candy is bred from Sour Tsunami and its associated lineage.

What are the health benefits of using hemp and CBD?

While, if you read through this list and still have questions about benefits, here it is:

According to Harvard, there is evidence to suggest that the use of CBD can greatly assist in the treatment of childhood epilepsy syndromes that don’t react normally to other medications.

Anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain are also alleviated with the use of hemp. Some of these illnesses can be difficult to treat otherwise, so CBD products are an excellent, affordable option for medical treatment.

Whether it’s used for treating pain or relieving certain cancer type symptoms, there are several studies here and we’ve also written a good recap about CBD benefits here .

Any Side Effects?

Please remember, that while natural, CBD can have side effects and drug interactions. Only a licensed healthcare provider can advise if it is safe for you to consume CBD and hemp products.

If you’re planning to inhale CBD flower for the first time, try starting with a lower dosage (in grams) and gradually increasing your dosage. Before using CBD flower to treat a medical condition, talk to your healthcare provider. (source: tryplainjane.com)

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