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Effects:  Sedative, downer, more powerful than damiana

What it feels like: resin that smokes well, Unfortunately it smells like cannabis when smoked.

Pro: Cheap, alternative for cannabis, especially when an extraction is used

Best with: Alone

Benefits: Anti-anxiety, help for sleeping


Scullcap also known as Scutellaria lateriflora, madweed, scute, scutellaria, or skullcap. It is a perennial herb that has its natural habitat in Northern America. It has ridged leaves and small flowers that range from white and pink to purple and blue. This herb grows well in a shady environment such as in thickets, rich woods and wet ditches. The parts of Scullcap that are above the ground are mostly used as a herbal medicine. Scullcap can easily be grown in your own backyard garden in moist soils. This is because it not only serves as a useful herb but its flowers will beautify you garden.


Scullcap is a very powerful medicinal herb. It has been used for thousands of years to treat various ailments. It was historically used by the Northern America Indians for relieving anxiety, insomnia, neuralgia, to reduce childbirth pain and as a recipe for treating rabies. In China, it was traditionally used to treat high blood pressure, cold, fevers, hypertension, headache, vomiting of blood, intestinal inflammation, expelling afterbirths among other conditions. It is still being used to date as a relief from these conditions.

In modern medicine it has been shown that the scullcap has the ability to inhibit viruses and bacteria, lower the level of blood pressure in the body (by dilating blood vessels) and lower fever. Scientific research has also shown that this plant is useful in treating many mental disorders. A wide range of nervous conditions such as epilepsy, hysteria, anxiety stress, withdrawal from tranquilisers and barbiturates etc. can be treated using the skullcap. This herb can also be infused to treat throat infections, headaches, coughing and to induce sleep. It is also used to promote menstruation. The scullcap is used in the treatment of addictions of harmful drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, cannabis sativa and cocaine among others.

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Scullcap is available in the market in many dried forms. It is sold in the form of capsules, teas, tablets and tinctures.

Side effects

Just like any other drug scullcap should be taken with caution. Overdose of this herb causes confusion, stupor, twitching and giddiness. Make sure that you follow the advice from the experts. Overdose can cause damage to the liver because of germander. In fact if you are a victim of any liver problem it is recommended that you take this herb in very small amounts or not take it at all. Pregnant women should not use this herb because it can cause a miscarriage.

Clearly the scullcap has so much to offer to us. Since it is a direct product of nature, it has no side effects on us unless it is abused. Always take the correct amounts. This herb is a true gift of nature hence we should never hesitate to treat the numerous health problems that we encounter in our daily lives using it.

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