There has been good news lately for anxiety sufferers who want to treat their condition herbally. Passion flower, a popular herbal remedy for anxiety, has been shown in laboratory testing to be effective in mice.

Passion flower has been used to treat anxiety for hundreds of years. It grows across the world, and has been cultivated for its calming effects and tasty fruit. Passion flower tea is often enjoyed at the end of a stressful day in order to unwind, but it’s only recently that science has learned exactly why the herb is so effective. The answer lies in a compound called chrysin.


Compound Decreases Anxiety in Mice

A recent study by university scientists show that a compound in passion flower can reduce anxiety in mice. The study, which involved injecting mice with chrysin — which had been isolated from passion flower — backs up earlier data published in 2000. The chrysin in passion flowers has been shown to reduce anxiety, lower stress levels, and cause a relaxed feeling.

Also Found in Mushrooms and Chamomile

The active ingredient, chrysin, is also found in a few other plants. Some alternative sources of chrysin are chamomile, oyster mushrooms, and honeycomb. Passion flower is the most readily available source, and it was used in the experiment because the flower is so rich in chrysin and related compounds.

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Other Anxiolytic Herbs

Passion flower is only one of a handful of herbs that will ease stress and calm anxiety. Herbs like St. John’s Wort, lotus, kanna, and calamus are all effective. In order to get the most from your herbal anxiety treatment, these herbs are usually used in combination every day, either smoked or drank as tea.

Passion Flower Bedtime Tea Recipe

This tea made with passion flower, rose hips, blue lotus, and St. John’s Wort tastes great and soothes you to sleep. It’s got active ingredients from passion flower, kanna, and blue lotus in order to help you relax and promote calm. Leaving out the blue lotus makes it the perfect cup of herbal tea for when you’re feeling stressed out and anxious any time of day, helping you to feel at ease without causing drowsiness.


4 C.        Filtered Water

1/4 C.     Rose Hips

2 Tbsp.  Passion Flower

2 Tbsp.  Blue Lotus

2 Tbsp.  Kanna

1 Tbsp.   St. John’s Wort

3 Tbsp.  Vanilla Honey


Makes 4 Cups

Bring water to a simmer, add herbal ingredients and stir in honey. Remove tea from the heat and let steep for 5 – 7 minutes. Enjoy.