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Marihuanilla (Leonorus sibericus), commonly known as Siberian motherwort or little marijuana, is a herbaceous biennial native to Siberia, Taiwan, Korea and China. It is used as an alternative to marijuana. This herb also grows wild in Chiapas, Mexico as well as in Brazil.

Marihuanilla translates from spanish in “little marijuana”.

The herb grows between 1-2 meters tall with basal leaves that are ovate in shape. It has long flower rods that comprise of small reddish violet flowers that have an upper lip which is oblong. It should be noted that the plant is intolerant to frost thus should preferably be grown indoors as a potted plant in winter.

History and Use

Traditionally the flowers of the Marihuanilla were used in offering and devotional rites called “pujas” by the Hindu. It was also traditionally used by the Chinese as a medicinal herb owing to the belief that it could lower blood pressure, regulate menstruation, clear toxins, help blood circulation and prevent excessive clotting and ward off fungal and bacterial infections. Such use was achieved by ingesting the leaves of the herb as a vegetable and cooking its roots with pork.
Marihuanilla was also used in folk magic in Veracruz, Mexico to make the “groom return” and as a marijuana substitute in Chiapas, Mexico.

Marihuanilla is commonly used in modern day society for its pleasant taste and its relaxing effects.

Methods of Use

As an Infusion or Tea
Traditionally the Asians would use Marihuanilla by soaking 1 to 3 teaspoons of the herb in hot water for 15 minutes after which it would be drunk. The roots and leaves of the Marihuanilla may also be boiled and taken as tea as the herb has a delightfully pleasant taste.
As a Smoking Blend
Alternatively, the leaves may be collected when the herb is in bloom, dried, and smoked with rolling papers or in a pipe as a mild intoxicant. It may also be used in combination with other smoking blends and herbs such as wild dagga.
Though not commonly used in this manner, Marihuanilla may be vaporized using readily available vaporizers such as Vapor Genie and inhaled.

Medicinal Benefits of Marihuanilla

The fruits, seeds, and leaves of Marihuanilla are all considered to be of great medicinal value and its use as a medicinal herb is recorded among various cultures. Among the Chinese for instance the herb is used to treat an array of medical conditions ranging from painful menstruation and postpartum bleeding in women, as well impotency in men. The herb is also used as a diuretic as it can help treat among other things high blood pressure and kidney diseases.

Native cultures in Chiapas, Mexico also use Marihuanilla to treat and calm an array of ailments affecting the female reproductive system such as to aid in painless menstruation. This is achieved by drinking the root of Marihuanilla steeped in tea.
Marihuanilla may also be used to treat rheumatism or arthritis since its leaves are soluble in alcohol and can therefore be macerated in alcohol to create a tincture which if externally applied is useful in treating the aforementioned condition.

It may also be used as an anesthetic since it contains alkaloids that are proven to possess qualities that result in the suppression of responses by the peripheral nervous system to sensory stimulation, and one such alkaloid present in this herb is leonurine. It may therefore be used to treat an array of skin problems and bruises.


When smoked
The effects of Marihuanilla are varied and dependent on the mode of its use. Marihuanilla is mildly narcotic thus when smoked it causes mild intoxication and is therefore ideal if the idea of the user is not to get highly intoxicated. To increase its potency however Marihuanilla may be mixed with other smoking blends and herbs such as wild dagga and B. caapi leaves. It has a nice smoke that is mild tasting and therefore causes a nice relaxing high that is euphoric.
When Ingested
When drank in tea or otherwise orally ingested Marihuanilla cause a calming and relaxing effect probably owing to the fact that it contains alkaloids namely stachydrine, preleoheterin, prehispanolone, cycloleourinine, leoheterin, leosiberine, leuronurine, leosibiricin and leonurine as aforementioned.

Side Effects

Marihuanilla is not known to cause any side effects.


Use of Marihuanilla has not been made illegal in any known jurisdiction.

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