How to Make Mescaline Tea

Mescaline tea is easier to make than you might think, and the good news is that you can make it using cactus that you can buy legally. A lot of people know that peyote contains mescaline, but what most people don’t realize is that many ornamental cactuses have plenty of mescaline themselves. This guide will show you how to make the most of legal cactuses to make mescaline tea.

Selecting Your Cactus

You’re looking for one very specific kind of cactus. You need to find order Trichocereus bridgesii cuttings, and you need at least 18″ of cactus per person. There are other types of cactus that work well, both in the Trichocereus family and outside of it, but bridgesii cuttings are the most reliable. Your cactus should be slightly bluish, and very firm to the touch.

Preparing the Cactus

The next step is to you a pair of pliers and pull out all of the spines from the cactus. Sometimes the vendor will cut them down short for shipping, and in that case you can leave them be. Everything will be filtered out at a later step anyway, but bridgesii spines are nasty, sharp, and long.

If the spines aren’t trimmed, I recommend a pair of gloves and needle-nose pliers. Grab each group of spines, pull them out, and discard them. You can also use a heavy pair of kitchen shears to cut off the spines at the base.

Once your cactus is spine-free, slice it into 1/2″ rounds.

Preparing the Slow Cooker

The easiest way to make mescaline tea at home is to use a slow cooker. You’ll need to add water and an acid to the slow cooker. Vinegar or lemon juice are the best choices, since it’s important that the acid that you use is safe to drink. Add the cactus to the slow cooker and turn it on low. You’ll want to let it cook overnight, and top it up with water when it needs it.

Preparing the Tea

Once you’ve cooked your tea overnight, you can filter out all of the chunks of cactus. Save them if you like, and re-cook them. There is still a very small amount of mescaline content. A piece of cheese cloth or an old shirt works best to filter the mixture.

After it’s been filtered, it’s recommended that you boil the tea to reduce its volume. Mescaline tea has a very strong taste,a nd you’ll probably want to drink as little of it as possible. Some people have gone as far as reducing the amount of tea from a single 18″ chunk of cactus down to a shot glass, but as long as you can fit it into a teacup you should be able to drink it.

Remember that, even though all of the ingredients are technically legal, mescaline tea is still a controlled substance in a lot of areas. Be careful with it, and stay out of trouble.

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