Your morning pick-me-up just got a lot more chill. California dispensary House of Jane is betting stoners want to get started early. The dispensary is offering infused creamers, sweeteners, and even “c-cups” for your Keurig. The products won an award at 2015’s Hempcon as the best new edible, and people are lining up to try it.

Keurig Unhappy About Jane’s C-Cups

It hasn’t been all awards and accolades for House of Jane, though. Keurig has spoken up to point out that they don’t support Jane’s c-cup pods. They’d rather not associate with the brand at all. Not much is likely to change as more people switch to pod-based coffee-machines. It only makes sense that stoners are switching too, and they’re demanding cannabis-infused options.

Jane’s Full Line of Treats

House of Jane is taking their line of Jane’s Brew infused coffees beyond k-cups. They’re offering non-dairy creamers, hot cocoa mixes, and more to their bleary-eyed customers. The entire product line is carefully calibrated to cover all of the bases. Herbal tea drinkers, cocoa lovers, and coffee sippers alike are being targeted by House of Jane — and the rest of the pot industry.

Plenty of Competition

House of Jane isn’t the only dispensary breaking into the wake and bake market. Washington’s Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop has been manufacturing the infused coffees as well. They said that the product is a natural fit for stoners who crave two kinds of buzz. “I liken it to a Red Bull and vodka,” Jennifer Lanzador, a sales manager at Uncle Ike’s recently told reporters. “I had more energy, but I still had the relaxation you get from cannabis.”

Fairwinds manufacturing — a Canadian-based company which makes the pods — says that the new cannabis k-cups make up 60% of their sales. This is a trend that the market is seeing more often when it comes to weed. Entire businesses are springing up around cannabis. There are vendors and growers, bakers and manufacturers. This change isn’t just about bringing pot to the people. It’s spurred by a real connection with the customer. Manufacturers are clamoring to package, primp, and prep pot in as many different forms as the market wants.

A New Direction for Edibles

The day of the humble pot brownie may be over. Marijuana-spiked drinks called elixers are on the market now, and they’re hotter than ever. House of Jane co-founder Jill Amen thinks the recent rise is all about eliminating stigma.

She recently said, “We wanted to establish something that didn’t have the stigma of smoking a joint, smoking a bong or taking a dab. Because there are lots of people just like you, me or any other professional who would prefer to medicate this way instead of taking a prescription drug. We felt that this would be a great delivery system for someone who didn’t want the stigma, but wanted the benefits of a well-calibrated, cannabis-infused product.”

With vision like that behind the marijuana market, it’s no surprise that things are changing fast.