Hashish Oil and Extracts

At Smokable Herbs, we are seeing more and more people who enjoy cannabis choosing oils and extracts over whole bud. We’re looking through all of the products and oils made with just the trichomes of cannabis. Most of these extracts are made using solvent or natural separation of the trichome from the bud, and almost all of them have a long history of use.

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Iso Hash

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The simplest form of hash, iso hash is an alcoholic extract of cannabis that has been allowed to evaporate until it’s thick and sticky. It gets its name from the isopropyl alcohol typically used in the extraction process, although it can be made with nearly any other alcohol or even solvents like napthalene or acetone. Some napthalene extractions are even used topically, and are said to reduce pain and swelling. When smoked, iso hash can give some users an unpleasant itching sensation.

Iso hash is relatively impure because the extraction process pulls out everything from cannabinoids to waxes and chlorophyll, and sometimes contains traces of the solvent used in the extraction. Because of this, the best use for iso hash is as the feedstock for further extractions, including red oil and wax. Like budder and keef, it’s typically homemade since it lacks the big commercial market of other, more pure, hashes and hash oils.

Type: Mixed Cannabinoids

Form: Thick Oil or Sticky Solid

Potency: 6/10



True hash has a history dating back over 1,000 years, where workers in marijuana fields would use their hands to rub the sticky trichomes off of the buds. Although that method isn’t used anymore, some parts of Europe and Asia still make their hash with mechanical separation methods that are direct descendants of the original process.

Hash is often pressed into coins or small sticks for sale, storage and transportation. In the past, when hash was the most potent cannabis extract available on the streets, it was given names based on color and the location of its manufacture, like ‘Lebanese blonde,’ ‘Moroccan honey,’ and ‘Spanish caramello.’

Type: Mixed Cannabinoids

Form: Sticky Solid

Potency: 7/10

Ice Hash

This modern twist on traditional hash is popular because it’s relatively easy to make at home. Ice, dry ice or a freezer is used to chill down cannabis flowers and make the stakls of the trichomes brittle, which helps them to separate completely from the flower. Most ice hash is made in water, although frozen or chilled buds can also be shaken to knock off the trichomes. When making it in water, the buds are agitated in a bucket with ice or dry ice and the trichomes are allowed to settle to the bottom while the impurities tend to float.

Ice hash, or freezer hash, is just about the closest thing to traditional hash that you can make at home. It doesn’t require any expensive equipment or toxic chemicals, so it’s cheap and safe to produce. Ice hash presses almost as well as traditional hash, and it can be made into coins, blocks or sticks for storage, sales, and transportation. It can either be burned in a bowl, rolled into a joint, vaporized, or torched on a nail or hot knife in order to be ingested. Ice hash can also be added directly to baked goods and other food, making it a versatile and popular cannabis extract.

polen press let you easily make hash from kief

Type: Mixed Cannabinoids

Form: Sticky Solid

Potency: 7/10

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is an improvement on standard ice hash that uses fine mesh screens, called bubble bags, to purify the trichomes and filter out larger pieces of plant material. Multiple bags in order of decreasing pore size are stacked together, so bubble hash collected from the lower bags is more potent than the others. Most bubble has is made in 3 or 5-gallon buckets full of water and sometimes ice, in order to make the filtration process go more smoothly.

Bubble hash gets its name from the characteristic way that it forms bubbles when it’s heated up for smoking. These bubbles only form when the hash hits a purity of above 60% cannabinoids, and the waxes and oils found in marijuana leaves inhibit bubbling. Before honey oil extractors hit the market in the early 2000’s, bubble hash was one of the highest-quality, easiest to make cannabis extracts.

Type: Mixed Cannabinoids

Form: Sticky Solid

Potency: 7/10

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Butane Hash Oil & Honey Oil


This product caught on in the early 2000’s as honey oil extractors hit the shelves. It’s a marijuana extract made by forcing a high-pressure solvent, typically butane, through a tube stuffed with ground leaf or flowers. Although the process is simple, it can be dangerous because of the extreme flammability of butane, and should be done outdoors.

Honey oil can be dabbed on a vaporizer, smoked in a bowl, or mixed in with edibles. Some users mix it with keef in order to counteract the stickiness of the oil and make it easier to handle, although this does reduce potency gram for gram.

Although butane is typically used, there are a few methods to make honey oil from iso hash at home. They all involve using different solvents, sometimes at cold temperatures, to remove the impurities from iso hash and yield a golden oil.

Type: Mixed Cannabinoids

Form: Thick Oil

Potency: 7/10

you need a oil extractor to easily pass butane through your cannabis

Red Oil

Red oil gets its name from the amber coloration of the product. Properly made red oil will be clear enough to see through, due to the fact that there are no suspended impurities. The method for making red oil, popularized on growers forums, involves purifying honey oil by suspending it in acetone and freezing it at low temperatures. This process causes the waxes suspended in honey oil, which give it its yellow color, to solidify and fall out of solution.

Aside from the color and purity, red oil is nearly the same consistency as honey oil. It’s difficult to handle, although it can be heated slightly to make it easier to pour from one container to the next. Red oil is currently used mostly by medical patients who prefer to take it orally rather than smoked, because of the large amounts of pure cannabinoids which can inhibit the growth of cancer.

Type: Mixed Cannabinoids

Form: Thick Oil

Potency: 8/10

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