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Hashish Oil and Extracts

Hashish Oil and Extracts | CBD Oil from Hemp on display

At Smokable Herbs, we are seeing more and more people who enjoy cannabis choosing oils and extracts over whole bud. We’re looking through all of the products and oils made with just the trichomes of cannabis. Most of these extracts are made using solvent or natural separation of the trichome from the bud, and almost all of them have a long history of use.

15 Unexpected Benefits of Cannabis

15 Unexpected Benefits of Cannabis | sourd

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Marijuana – An Overview

Marijuana - An Overview | legal colorado marijuana grow

Marijuana is one of the most popular herbal medicines in the world. When smoked or eaten, marijuana relieves stress and anxiety, causes a pleasant tingling sensation, can help with insomnia, promote weight gain and appetite, and even treat cancer. Marijuana is commonly found either as dried and cured flower buds, or as one of many different types of extract.