Smokable Herbs’ took a look at the huge range of pipes and chillums on the market and picked out 5 pieces that are perfect for every budget and smoking style. We’ve covered a range of pipes, from straight-up glass chillums to premium bubblers, so there’s sure to be the right piece in our list for every smoker. If it’s time to upgrade your old pipe and switch to something a bit more stylish, our list of the top 5 pipes and chillums is exactly what you need.

5. Steel Pipe

steel pipe

Some smokers genuinely like smoking out of steel. Compared to glass, steel gets a lot hotter, although it tends to collect more resin and foul up a bit faster too. As long as you keep your pipe clean, smoking out of hot steel can be a great way to bring out the flavor of your herb, although it tends to be a bit harder on your throat.

Steel pipes do have one huge advantage over glass and ceramic, they’re practically indestructible. These compact steel pipes are the perfect pocket pieces, and you won’t need to worry about dropping your pipe or cracking it accidentally. The wooden accents on this particular pipe are stylish and refined, which really helps to amplify a traditional steel bowl into an attractive show piece that you can be proud of.

Price: $8.78

See what reviewers had to say :

  • “What can I say about it? It is a metal pipe. Reliable and durable. Easy and portable.”

4. Glass Spoonspoon

This classic glass spoon is one of the most popular smoking pieces on the market. It changes colors with use, has beautiful blown-in accents and smokes a bit cooler than steel. It features a traditional side-mounted carb hole and enough length that you won’t burn your lip on a hard hit while still being compact enough to stash in a pocket.

These pipes are made of premium-quality borosilicate glass, the same sort used in much larger bongs, so you can count on a high standard for quality even at a low price. Most people have had a hit or two out of a spoon before, and part of the reason for their popularity is because they work so well, produce good, clean hits and don’t cost a fortune

Price: $24.50

See what reviewers had to say:

  • “This 3 in pipe is a perfect, convenient size and the glass is thick enough so it doesn’t shatter if accidentally dropped.”
  • “I didn’t know it changed color every time you smoke it, so when i found that out it was a pleasant surprise.”
  • “Item is easy to clean and restores back to it’s original color once cleaned.”

3. Glass Chillumchillum

These glass chillums give you a great hit and are the ultimate in concealable smoking pipes. They hold enough herb for one or two smokers, light up easily and reliably and stash well in your pocket when you’re finished. Compared to traditional clay chillums, glass gives you a cooler smoke and is actually less fragile than clay, which tends to chip or shatter much more easily than borosilicate glass.

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Chillums are a great alternative to one-hitters, and once you learn how to smoke with one you might not want to go back to spoons. They’re also the simplest style to clean out of everything we’ve featured here, and with a quick scrub they’re back to hitting like brand new.

Price: $26.36

See what reviewers had to say:

  • “I like the bag a lot, nice little chillum”

2. Hammer-Style Glass Bubblerglass bubbler

Bubblers come in a lot of colors, shapes and styles, but this hammer-style glass bubbler is one of the most popular. It uses a miniature water tank to help smooth out and cool down the smoke, which makes it perfect for smokers who find glass spoons and chillums to be too harsh for regular use. Bubblers are a bit harder to clean than these other pipes, but with a little bit of maintenance they’re absolutely worth the upgrade.

This hammer-style glass bubbler is made in America from lab-grade borosilicate glass, and the quality shows through with every hit. They have a carb hole, mid-length stem, and built-in diffuser for silky smooth hits every time. You can expect to see a bit of color change during use, and they’ve been blown with that in mind. After a few days the contrasting highlights really begin to pop, and this piece is just as attractive as it is functional.

Price: $88.00

See what reviewers had to say:

  • Overall, the price and the quality is fair enough. I suggest getting this piece if you’re on a budget
  • I really like this bubbler. I got the blue one and it’s really pretty, but kinda small.

1. Grav Labs – Helix Multihelix2

Grav Labs makes a great pipe, and their Helix Multi is no exception. Just like modular bongs, the Grav Labs Helix Multi can be swapped out and switched around to produce a unique pipe in nearly endless combinations. This model includes diffuser, bubbler and one-hitter attachments as part of the set, so you can customize the pipe to your liking without having to buy any additional parts.

The Helix Multi is the perfect pipe of smokers who want the convenience of a one-hitter, smoothness of a bubbler and sheer size of a spoon all in one piece. The glass-to-glass joints fit securely and are locked in place with the included lab-grade acrylic Keck clamp. This pipe is everything you could possibly want in an everyday piece, at a price that’s lower than many other premium-quality pipes which don’t offer the same range of options.

Price: $168.00

See what reviewers had to say:

  • “This thing is glorious I used it for the first time last night and loved everything about it. Easy to conceal and hits like a champ.”
  • “I was very impressed! It’s slightly awkward to hold when it is first passed to you but once you get over that, it will run right over you. Very hard-hitting piece that can be concealed easily.”