Hannah Clark

Hannah Clark is a talented young writer who is quickly making a name for herself. She has been writing for Smokable Herbs since July of 2015. Hannah’s interests include nerd culture, Star Wars, video games, and 80’s pop music. Follow her Facebook page for updates.

All About Guarana

All About Guarana | guarana

Guarana is a climbing plant that is native to the Amazon basin and can be commonly found in Brazil and Venezuela. It’s best known for its orange-yellow fruits, which contain a few seeds. They’re high in caffeine and guaranine and are known for that reason. After the seeds are collected, they’re roasted and ground into …

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5 Best Natural Stimulants

5 Best Natural Stimulants | stims

If you don’t live under a rock, you’re sure to have heard of stimulants, whether you realize it or not. Caffeine, nicotine, cocaine… However, there are plenty of natural stimulants that you may not have heard of and have much better effects on your body. Instead of picking up an energy drink or a cigarette, …

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The Truth About Lobelia

The Truth About Lobelia | lobelia

Lobelia inflata is an herb that is used to treat many ailments. In the past, it was used to tobacco users with withdrawal, but in modern day, we’ve found many other uses for the herb. It’s found in Canada, everywhere from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. It’s also found in the eastern portion of the …

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