6 Herbs that will Supercharge Your Sex Life

If you’re looking for a boost in the bedroom, there’s no safer and surer way to fire up your sex drive than with an herbal supplement. Herbs are effective, anonymous, and easy to get compared to modern pharmaceuticals. These aren’t the herbs that you get emails about, these herbs have been used for centuries to improve performance and get couples in the mood for love.


In the tropics where kava is grown, it’s used for fertility celebrations. Men and women drink a tea made from kava and smoke the leaves. When taken like this, kava gives the entire body a pleasant, slightly numbing, tingling sensation that heightens touch and makes every little caress leave you shivering and ready for sex.


Depending on the dose, kratom can either mellow you out or get you all worked up. Making tea with a few grams of kratom — a moderately high dose — is the perfect way to get all worked up and ready for sex. At low doses kratom can have the opposite effect, so don’t get started unless you have plenty.


Nothing improves blood flow like ginseng, and blood flow is important for getting in the mood. Taking regular ginseng supplements can help with problems getting and maintaining an erection, and can help women with dryness. Ginseng is an excellent supplement to take in combination with any of the others, and acts to support them by increasing stimulation and sensitivity.

Wild Dagga

if you’re looking for an herb that increases sexual desire and stimulation for women without giving you an all-over buzz, dagga is just the thing. This herb helps with blood flow and all-over sensitivity without leaving your head clouded or fuzzy. It’s best taken as a tea about an hour before you turn down the lights.


Damiana does for men what wild dagga does for the ladies. This herb is effective without being intoxicating, getting you hard as a rock while keeping your head clear. Damiana, especially when taken with ginseng, is one of the most potent male aphrodisiacs around. Any guy who needs a little bit extra in the bedroom should make damiana his first choice.


Like ginseng, kanna is excellent for your sex life when mixed with another herb or taken alone. By itself, it increases stimulation and desire. It really comes to life when mixed with kava and taken as tea, though. This blend is sure to make your toes twitch and your thighs shake, and the combination of lightheaded, all-over tingles and increased stimulation is the recipe for a great night.

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