When it comes to prepared herbal blend, prices are sometimes way too high considering the price of the basic ingredients (and considering how easy it is to make them yourselves!).

A good smoking herbal blend should be composed of fresh, organic herbs like mullein, wild dagga flowers, damiana, coltsfoot, mugwort etc.  These herbs have different properties and they complement each other when mixed.

We have tried to find the best / most potent herbal blend pricewise.

Humboldt Haze Herbal Smoking

Humboldt Haze Herbal Smoking Tea Blend

Price : 1 ounce for $17.00 (0.60$/grams)

Contains: Mugwort, Peppermint, Coltsfoot, Mullein, Damiana, Sage, Raspberry Leaf

Potency: Medium

Bottomline: Good mix of many herbs popular on Smokable Herbs.


 California Dreaming Herbal Smoking Blend

Price: 1 ounce for $17.00 (0.60$/g)

california dreaming

Contains: California poppy, Mugwort, Wood Betony, Spearmint, Wintergreen, Muira Puama, & Damiana

Potency: Good

Bottomline: Good balancing blend. California Poppy and Mugwort induce relaxation while Muira Puama and Damiana both are aphrodisiacs and thus boost your libido.

Wild Blue yonder (currently unavailable)

wild blue yonder

Price: 1 ounce for $15.95 ( 0.57$/g)

Contains: Blue Lotus Flowers, Klip Dagga, Wild Dagga, and Chinese Wormwood

Potency: Good

Bottomline: Great mix of herbs that induce euphoria and calmness (Klip Dagga being a more potent version of Wild Dagga.)

Yuba gold herbal blend (currently unavailable)

yuba gold blend

Price: 1 ounce for $9.99 (0.35$/g)

Contains: Damiana, Scullcap, Passion flower Leaf, Lobelia (benefits similar to mullein), Spearmint Leaf

Potency: Medium

Bottomline: Good blend. Cheaper than the two above .


Damiana Leaf/Mullein/Marshmallow (currently unavailable)

mullein damiana marshmallowPrice: 2 oz for $9.00 (0.16$/g) ,  4 oz for $11.00 (0.09$/g) , 8 oz for $19.00 (0.08$/g) 16 oz for $34.00 (0.07$/g)

Contains: Damiana, Mullein, Marshmallow root

Potency: Mild

Bottomline: Good price, should be use as a base with a stronger herb like wild dagga . Good to replace tobacco in a joint.