The 5 Best Blunt Wraps

Sometimes all you want to do is puff on a nice, fat blunt. Whether you fill them with weed, your favorite smokable herbs, or a nice blend is up to you. Having good wraps can make or break a blunt though. The last thing you want is the whole thing falling apart into a burning hot mess in your lap. That’s why we’ve taken a look at everything on Amazon and condensed it down into these 5 best blunt wraps.

Juicy Jay’s Double Wrap

Everybody loves Juicy Jay’s wraps for their strong fruit flavors and slow burn. Their double wraps take everything you already love and double it up. The blunt wraps come in convenient 2-packs, and you can either roll a standard blunt or double-wrap it for a nice, slow burn and a strong hit of flavor. Juicy Jay’s Double Wraps are our pick for the best blunt wraps online.

Shine Benjamins Wraps (discontinued)benjamins

If you’ve ever felt like smoking a blunt wrapped up in a $100 bill, Shine Benjamin’s Tattooed Wraps has your back. These king-size blunt wraps will make you feel like royalty when you burn one down. Each wrap comes tattooed with the image of a Benjamin on it. They also burn well, if a little fast, and taste great. If you’re looking for something new, Shine Benjamins Tattooed Wraps are a fun choice.

RAW Organic King Size

A true Rasta would never smoke all of that bleached out, flavored up bullshit. These organic hemp wraps from RAW are perfect for when you’re feeling mellow about the environment, and a little less mellow about what goes into your lungs. They’re organic, vegan, unbleached hemp with a sugar-based adhesive to help them stick shut. They’re king-sized, not quite a full blunt, but RAW makes them big enough that you’ll never notice the difference.


Cyclones Pre-Rolled Cones

If you’re all thumbs when it comes to rolling and tired of twisting up blunts that fall apart on you, check out these pre-rolled cones from Cyclones. All you need to do is pack them full of herb, tamp them down, and smoke. It really doesn’t get any easier than this. Each Cyclone comes with a crutch at the end, so you won’t ever burn your lip and you’ll get a nice, firm pack. If you’ve never rolled up a blunt before in your life, these are the wraps for you.


Royal Blunts Flavored Wraps

They ain’t great, but they sure are cheap. Royal Blunts aren’t bad, but they don’t pack the same flavor punch as Juicy Jays — they are a lot less expensive though. This 50-pack will last you just about forever, even if you’re smoking like Snoop. Royal Blunts Flavored Wraps are easy to roll, burn nice and slow, and have a good, thick line of adhesive so they won’t fall apart. If you’re burning down blunts on the reg, this pack from Royal Blunts is a great deal.

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