Smokable plants and herbs

What Herbs Can You Smoke?

Popular Herbs

Type of herb
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  • Supportive (18)
  • Base Herbs (8)
  • Flavor (1)
Herb Effect
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  • Depressants (24)
  • Hallucinogens (5)
  • Stimulants (4)

Blue Lotus

The dried flowers of the blue lotus plant are smoked or steeped in a tea in order to give the user a sense of peaceful relaxation. Blue Lotus is noted…

White sage

The dried leaves of white sage are typically used in smoking blends to improve mood. White sage promotes feelings of relaxation and also boosts memory. When smoked alone the flavor…


Mullein is mildly relaxing, helps to promote calm feelings, and fights against anxiety. Typically mullein is added to smoking blends to reduce harshness. It burns slowly and steadily, with thick…

Wild Dagga Flower

Dried dagga flower is euphoric and slightly psychedelic. It gives its users a pleasant lightheaded high and relaxing calm feeling. It’s used frequently in herbal alternatives to marijuana because of…


The dried mugwort plant gives its users colorful dreams and helps with memory. It’s commonly added to smoking blends because its thick, white, low-odor smoke is soothing and smooth. When…


Smokable plants and herbs

About Smokable Herbs

Our mission is to provide comprehensive information about plants featuring an history of being smoked.

These psychoactive plants, often called cannabis alternative or legal high, can be used in a huge variety of herbal blends.

We believe people ought to know about alternatives to tobacco and marijuana.

These herbs may help you quit smoking cigarettes, lose weight or simply relax you after a hard day.

The majority of herbs listed here are “smokable”, but there are other effective ways of consumption. Tea is a great one.

Please take a moment to share your knowledge or favorite plants in the comment section.