White sage

white sage

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Effect: Relaxing and the “high” is more potent than damiana

How is it: hard on the throat if you don’t have a bong

Pro: Cheap, great on it’s own or mixed

Best with: Mullein, damiana, alone

Benefits: Remedy against cold, reduce secretions in throat, lungs and sinuses. Relaxant

Review: Like wine, it took some time to like it. I love it now, and it smells nice.


White sage is an herb from the Mediterranean but can also be grown in parts of central Europe and the United States. It has silvery- green leaves with a fuzzy coat. The united states Department of Agriculture believe that white sage was used by the Native Americans in tightly-bound or smudge sticks of stems and leaves. In some other tribes, like the Cheyenne Indians, it was used to clear negative energy in sacred spaces by burning smudge sticks round the border of ceremonial alters. Also the leaves were scattered around alters and sweat lodges to keep away evil spirits.

The natives used it in many ways. The leaves were used to flavor foods and were also eaten and smoked. They also made straighteners, shampoos and dyes by crashing the leaves and mixing them with water. Also it was used to clean the eye by rolling its seeds under the eyelids.


Medical Benefits

Its medical applications are quit many. According to USDA it can be used to treat eczema and skin eruptions. Also the may be link between it and the treatment of diabetes as it improves the handling of insulin levels in the body. It is also thought to be helpful for headaches, nosebleeds and sinus infections.

White sage has some positive effects in our bodies. In women it reduces heavy menstruation when the leaves are made into a uterine hemostatic tea and drank. Breastfeeding women are advised to take the tea as it reduces lactation. The Native Americans used it to treat cold by drinking tea made from smoked leaves in sweathouses. The tea relieves mucous secretions of the lungs, throat and sinuses that accompany colds. According to United States Department of Agriculture the tea can be used in the treatment of sore throats as it can be ingested and gargled. The kiowas are believed to have used the plant in the treatment of respiratory problems and also to loose phlegm in the throat and lungs. Also the tea is drunk to sooth digestion problems.

Its roots were used by the Native American women to bolster internal bleeding and to expel afterbirth after they had given birth. This has made the United State Department of Agriculture to consider the tea to be effective in reducing lactation when a baby is being weaned from breast feeding.

The herb may be used in treating wounds in order to prevent inflammation and infection as they possess antiseptic properties. Also it may be used in the treatment of fungal infections and candida, and may be useful for lung infections and staph.


Several researches have shown that this herb enhances mental function. One of the research showed that it lifts the moods of people, improves memory and reduces anxiety. Just like any other drug white sage should not be used in overdose as it may affect your body. The use of white sage is legal in all states so you do not have to worry about using it. It is also very advisable to use it as it has many advantages and it is a natural drug.


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10 thoughts on “White sage”

  1. is smoking sage anything like smoking weed or salvia? because it seems that sage is a form of salvia but ive heard people having pretty dark and scary experiences smoking salvia, but it seems like people talk highly about sage’s calming effects. can anyone shed some light on the matter?

    1. Salvia being a strong hallucinogen and sage being a mild depressant, smoking sage is completely different from smoking salvia.

      1. okay, i think i understand. i did a little more research too and it seems they are different strains of a fairly similar plant. do you still smoke sage the same way you smoke weed or salvia? (i dont know if you have experience with either). and if you do, what is the typical amount to inhale before you start feeling effects? sorry for all the questions, im just interested. thanx! :)

        1. Thanks for asking. 1 to 2 standard bowl is enough to relax me. You can’t overdose from smoking it. The effects are usually as fast to set in as marijuana or tobacco for comparison.

  2. I smoked it today for the first time and its not that harsh when rolled with tobacco. The effects are calming and positive how I needed it to be.

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