What Herbs & Plants can you smoke?

Welcome to Smokable Herbs; a repertory of herbs, plants and leaves that can be smoke to induce an alternate state of mind. These psychoactive plants, often called cannabis alternative or legal high, are used in a huge varieties of herbal blends.

These herbs may help you quit smoking, lose weight or simply relax you after a hard journey. The majority of herbs listed here are smokable, but there are others effective ways of consumption for most of them: in a tea, orally, snorted etc.

It is always recommended to make a tea over smoking.

By speedypete312 under common creative licence
Graphic by speedypete312 under common creative licence

Information about psychoactive plants

A psychoactive plant can alter your state of mind and how you’re feeling, some of them are stronger and can temporarily modify your mental processes (how you are thinking). Most of the plants presented here have similar effect to these categories without being specifically classed as one.

What is a depressant?

A depressant (or sedative) is a psychoactive substance that reduces the activity of a certain part of the brain or body. Basically, like alcohol, it slows your reaction speed and lowers your attention. It also produces a feeling of relaxation and euphoria depending of the herb’s strenght.

What is a stimulant?

A Stimulant is an uplifting substance that induce temporary enhancement in either mental and/or physical function. It can increase your awareness, your mood, your social and your professional skill

What is a hallucinogen?

A hallucinogen is a drug that causes distortion in the perception of reality. Under the influence of hallucinogens, people see images, hear sounds and feel sensations that does not exist. Some hallucinogens also produce intense emotional state of mind.


55 thoughts on “What Herbs & Plants can you smoke?”

  1. So I have tride skullcap, damina and California poppy as tea and as smoke, but I have found that the effects come out more when smokeing. Am I brewing the herbs wrong or is it not as good when brewed? And are there any herbs that really work well as teas?

    1. Great question! A tea is definitely healthier, though sometimes the effects won’t hit you instantly compared to smoking the herbs.
      Damiana aphrodisiac property and Mugwort dream-enhancing property should be more efficient when drank.
      Ginseng and Mullein are full of medicinal benefits when drank too.
      Kava kava relaxing properties are only truly efficient as a tea.
      Wormwood is used in real absynthe but it is really strong and nasty as a tea, though full of benefits.

    1. No for the majority, but in the event you would be screened for salvia, marijuana or kratom, and did consumed it, then yeah you will fail. I suggest you read the “Legality” section of any specific plant you seek to learn more, most of these are legal everywhere.

  2. would Blue Lily of the Nile, Blue Lotus or its Stamens, or Wild Lettuce, Klip Dagga or Kratom show up on an advanced Corrections Facility’s Drug test? They use some kind of a big machine. I have been searching online and have found no real solid answers. I cant risk my freedom and have been suffering from bad tension headaches 24/7 For more than a month. I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2000 and have recently been under a lot of stress and cannot smoke my preferred herb because of testing.

    1. Most of these will not show up on a drug screening test, assuming the testers are not looking for a specific one in those you mentionned. Kratom on the other hand is really tricky (source: drugs-forum post on Kratom ) (read the whole thing to know more about kratom and screening test) Some says it can’t be detected for standard test, but could be on advanced one. In either case, you should deny taking any illegal drugs anyway, since it’s not the case.

  3. Hey I was wondering if there’s anything completely safe(except for lungs, that’s expected) that’s produces alot of smoke, gets me high but I could find in the woods? I’m looking for an alternate to weed because Its expensive and the smell is too potent

    1. Most of these herbs grows in the wood, but in different regions of the United States. It’s probably easier to plant seeds in your surroundings and collect when it’s grown enough
      My point being that you should never smoke something in the woods if you don’t know what it is.

      You could start with marihuanilla seeds or wild dagga seeds

  4. hi alex,
    I’m addicted to shisha, also called hookah, waterpipe etc. Do you know any blend that could replace the flavored tobacco… I mean herbs that i can flavor and add molasses etc. then smoke. Would love to hear from you or others on here.


    1. Wild dagga flowers mixed with damiana and/or mullein would probably be good.
      Blue lotus would also do nicely. I suggest you start with those and see what you enjoy.
      You could also try to mix wild dagga flowers with shisha directly.

  5. I was wondering if Passion Flowers and Damiana would be a very good smoking mix. Also, I was wondering, if you didn’t have any paper for you to roll, do you think that computer paper would be a good substitute?

    1. Passion flowers is kinda hard to smoke, it’s better on it’s own or as an extraction or a tea. Blue lotus could be an alternative to mix with damiana.
      I strongly suggest against using computer paper to smoke anything, it would be much better to have a pipe or a bong in this scenario.

  6. Which herb would trigger creative ingenuity like pot but without the brainfog/scatterheadedness. Tryna be totally lucid with full muse.

    1. Smoking directly from a pipe/bong or vaporizing.
      You can mix them with base herbs like damiana or mullein for a smoother smoke.

  7. I wanted to know since I am no longer allowed to smoke pot is there anything els out there that’s easy to get that will produce the same if not better affects

  8. What herbs would be considered stimulants? And do you have any recipe suggestions?
    Also I would love some suggestions for something that would help with anxiety but that wont cloud me or make me sleepy. :)

    1. Kanna and kratom are stimulants. We have an article about homemade blend coming soon.
      When taken in lower dose, Kratom can aid in restful sleep, it also has antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties.

    1. Mullein can be commonly found in all of the United States.
      I have found a plant near a railway 1 year ago, but I’m in Canada.
      If you come across the plant, cut it’s head and boil it in water for 10-15 minutes, drink the resulting brownish water.

      I think you could maybe find it in your local head shop. It’s pretty cheap online though.

  9. Hello I was hoping if any one can tell me about a herb that will give me a relaxed high like feeling without having to mix more in and that is easy to get without ordering online but buy able at Walmart or find wild in south texas

    1. I doubt you will find those herbs at walmart, but maybe you can find seeds.
      I’d recommend wild dagga flowers, scullcap, california poppy, mugwort, white sage and blue lotus.
      You could alternatively find them in a head shop.

  10. I’ve been considering a blend of damiana, lobelia, and mullein for smoking and vaping. Does anyone have any experience with this blend and/or recommendations regarding it? Thanks!

    1. Sounds good, thanks for the share.
      I personnally love wild dagga flowers, maybe you could try to add those
      And keep on vaping, it’s the best way to smoke!

    1. We usually list negative side effects for each herbs here, but I’d recommend to avoid smoking altogether while pregnant, make a tea instead!
      Congratulations by the way!

  11. hey
    are there any herbs that have buds that look like cannabis buds,
    i saw ones on ‘legalbuds’ websites but they dont seem legit and di=ont give name of these buds,

    1. Yes, those website usually sells some doubtful stuff, not exactly sure what’s in it really.
      I strongly recommend to make your own blend of fresh herbs. Avoid any fake bud.

  12. I have panic disorder with agoraphobia and PTSD, so I’m prescribed xanax. Do you know what herb would have the strongest effect that’s like xanax or benzodiazepines? I’ve tried a few things, like valerian pills, kava tea, and couple other things, can’t recall names, none of these have worked, they make me a bit sleepy but they don’t get rid of Panic Attacks, or even my anxiety. Is there anything or a combination of things that might work?

    1. I doubt any of them can really replace prescibed medicine like xanax or benzodiazepines. Perhaps our readers can help here.
      Maybe your doctor could prescribe you some medicinal cannabis? (if it helps)

  13. What are some health concerns about these herbs? Like do they release tar like tobacco when burned? Do they contain nicotine? Stuff like that

    1. No they do not contain nicotine, some are known to have adverse effects, if they do, we add a paragraph about those side effects.

      While I can’t confirm that these herbs produce tar in your lungs when smoked, I can say that smoking anything is bad for your airways. The best and less harmful way to consume these herbs is by using a vaporizer or drinking them as a tea.

    1. We do offer a email subcription at the bottom , any new articles will be emailed to you. Though we don’t have any form of weekly or bi-monthly newsletters at the moment. Good day

  14. hi
    this is the first time i hear abt smoking herbs!
    is it like marijuana?
    is it legal?
    does it need to be prescribed?
    if i have to do a drug test does it show in it?
    do i need a med card to buy?

    1. Thanks for your questions and time.

      “Is it like marijuana?”
      Some herbs can be called marijuana alternative like wild dagga flowers, blue lotus and marihuanilla (just added)

      “Is it legal?”
      We usually add a small paragraph about legality. Salvia, for example, is a controlled substance in Canada and most states of the US. Majority of these plants are perfectly legal to possess, consume and cultivate.

      “Does it need to be prescribed?”
      No, most of them are available online.

      You should pass any drug test since these plants are not chemically similar to what is usually tested.

      You don’t need a med card to buy them (unless we add marijuana in the future)

      Hope it clears it up! Good day.

  15. Hi! So what do you reccomend? I am taking a break from Marijuana as I want a novelty hit next timr I smoke (two weeks from now).
    In the mean time, what are some herbs or something of the sort I can smoke to get a “stoned” like effect? I never hear people talk about anything other than Marijuana. I heard rumours that catnip can mimic a similar feeling. But I would like to know what I can and should smoke that I can easily gain access to! Thank you very much!
    Adam, 17

    1. Great question, thanks for your time!

      I personnally love white sage because it makes me feel relaxed and mellow.
      White sage may not have the same effects on you however, like marijuana, psychoactive plants do not have the same effects on each individuals.

      Most depressants listed here induce relaxation, usually milder than marijuana, making or buying a plant extractions may give you the high you are looking for.

      Wild lettuce, Wild dagga flowers, damiana, catnip and passion flower would be the first plants that comes to my mind.

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